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Sour Sally

Branding, Research, Strategic Planning, Graphic Design, Digital and Activation

Sour Sally is the pioneer of frozen yogurt in Indonesia, recognized as Top Brand in Indonesia and Asia’s Top Brand in the Frozen Yogurt category. They strive to create innovative menus to encourage more and more people to stay fit while enjoying life in all its swirling goodness. Now they are back with “White Gold”, a lush yogurt gelato covered in genuine Italian 24-Karat edible gold; a delicious creation Indonesia has never tasted before.

The company placed their confidence in Milestone to plan a memorable, smooth-sailing product launch along with intriguing set of social media posts as well as engaging campaigns to put “White Gold” on track for increased awareness and sales. The goal is to serve “White Gold” not only as a trendy item, but also an innovation to motivate the youth and generate euphoric happiness.

We began by doing an in-depth market research and competitive analysis in order to compose a solid and holistic marketing strategy. We poured Sour Sally’s youthful energy into refined product narratives with delectable graphic designs on various media platforms, especially Instagram, from the pre-launch to the post-launch stages.“White Gold” now has all the marketing ingredients to be the most sought-after luxurious indulgence in Jakarta, and soon all over Indonesia.