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Choosing The Right Digital Agency

Choosing The Right Digital Agency

Selecting the right partner to work with you on your next big digital project can be a daunting task. There are a hundreds of web companies out there all claiming to offer the same level of services with good portfolio.
So how do you choose between them? What criteria can you use to determine which agency will be the right partner to deliver on your project / campaign?
Based on our years of experience we've compiled what we believe to be the "5 sacred questions" you should ask to help select your ideal digital agency. These includes:

  1. Hiring the specialist
  2. In house or outsource?
  3. Work Process
  4. Deliverables and Support

So if you're ready to learn how to choose a digital agency, let's get going.

1. Hiring the specialist?
When hiring a digital agency this is one of the most important questions you should ask.
The team working on your project will – obviously – have a huge impact on the quality of the website which is delivered. That's why you should always opt for a specialist digital agency (link ke services / digital)
Specialists are important to us in life because they focus on a single discipline and thus they can offer the best possible set of skills in that area.
There are many companies out there purporting to be “web designers” when in actual fact their experience lies primarily in other media. Whilst there are undoubtedly some parallel skills, there is no substitute for the specialist knowledge that a skilled digital expert can provide.
Specialist Team. It's also prudent to ask whether the agency employs staffs who are specialists within their related disciplines. At Milestone, we have experts in Website Design & Development, Microsites, E- Commerce, Mobile, Social Media Strategy & Implementation, SEO, SEM, Email Marketing and Viral Campaign. This ensures our clients receive only the highest quality work. Ensure that your agency is providing you with the expertise you should demand.

2. In-house team or do you outsource?
The debate regarding the benefits of out-sourcing vs in-house teams is always fierce. Whatever your opinion however, it's important to know in advance whether the agency you are employing out-source their work. At Milestone, we have our own inhouse team and we do not oursource unlike other digital agencies. We have our own dedicated digital team and ready to assist our client's digital work.

3. Work process?
As teams grow however, things can rapidly get out of hand. Beware of agency who have grown their businesses without implementing the processes required to run them in an efficient manner. It will definitely lead to problems as your project progresses.
A clear set of business processes is a must for any successful digital agency. At Milestone, we have a set of clearly defined and robust processes which we follow to deliver every project on time and on budget to the satisfaction of our clients. We highly appreciate process because we know from experience what happens when projects are left to run in an ad hoc manner.
So, ask your agency if they provide a dedicated project manager. If the answer is no then ask yourself whether that gives you confidence that your project will be given the attention it really deserves. After all, it's your neck on the line.

4. Deliverables
A website is like a new car. When it leaves the showroom it is (hopefully) running perfectly. However it will still require a regularly service in order to keep it in tip-top order and to avoid those dreaded unexpected breakdowns.
Unfortunately, all too often questions regarding ongoing maintenance are not addressed until the end of the project at which point you are already heavily invested with you chosen digital supplier.
Before engaging an agency you should ask two important questions regarding the ongoing stability of your website:

  1. Do you provide website maintenance?
  2. Do you provide web hosting support ?

Ultimately, no matter how thorough you are, the questions above are only one small part of choosing a digital agency. We would always recommend choosing a specialist agency with an in-house team who follow clear processes and can provide appropriate levels of support.
After all, you will need to work with that team for the foreseeable future. And that's why…
You should speak to Milestone now…

If you would like to learn more about engaging Milestone for your next digital project, get in touch now. We'll be more than happy to speak with you and guide you towards the launch of your next successful website.