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Tagline: A Brand’s War Cry

Tagline: A Brand’s War Cry

As defined in the book Outsmarting Goliath, a tagline is a slogan, clarifier, mantra, company statement, or guiding principle that describes, synopsizes, or helps create an interest. The origin of the word “slogan” comes from the Gaelic slaughgaiirm, used by Scottish clans to mean “war cry.”

War cries are phrases or words shouted by people as they started to fight, intended to give them the strength and wish to fight harder, just like how taglines are short phrases designed to influence customers’ buying behavior by evoking an emotional response.

A tagline can be imperative (commands action), descriptive (describes the service, product, or brand promise), superlative (positions the company as best in class), or provocative (thought-provoking; frequently a question). Either way, your tagline needs to be short, easy to say and remember, differentiated from its competitors, carries no negative connotations and, most importantly, evokes an emotional response.

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