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Why Research is Important in Branding

Why Research is Important in Branding

Apple success on iPhone didn’t come overnight. It took long hours to reach the highest brand positioning in smartphone industry. Most importantly, research had a vital role to its perceived brand messages. When people pay big price on the smartphone, they’re actually paying for intangible components including research.

Research is a major process, yet often forgotten. Take an example that these days, local startup companies are racing to gain and maintain markets. Each marketing, promotions, and branding strategy are required to be strategically developed. Big startup companies such as Tokopedia, Gojek, and Bukalapak implemented media placements based on factual research to hit the mark. Not a single branding strategy could be done successfully without research.

Research and Development team spent way too much time before launching product and service or promotion and branding implementations. People may not notice research beneath the surface, while actually it is the biggest investment.

How do you think branding and campaign will succeed if research weren’t done thoroughly and correctly? Strategic research is essentially important for branding to reach the right target market and audience. How brand wanted to be perceived also decided by research on branding, so that the brand can be perceived depended on how the companies want it to be. Start your branding research on small simple steps, starting with internal and desktop research. But if in any case a research in bigger scale needs to be conducted, Focus Group Discussion (FGD) or questionnaire could also work well to find some insights for the branding development.

To initiate branding process and placement, a well-thought strategic planning and research is required. We can never take any wild guess in branding as every step will decide the output. Anyhow if you ever need a branding, rebranding, or comprehensive research for your brand, why don’t you try to reach Milestone? As an award winning brand consultancy of the year 2018, we’ll be more than happy to assist you!