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Investing in Design

Investing in Design

World’s consumer in recent years has been dominated by two groups of people: the millennial and Gen Z. Different from the earlier Baby Boomers who prioritize functions, these two generations heavily rely on visual to aid them in making decisions when it comes to making purchases.

First, design sells off the market. Brands with plain product designs have no way to compete in the market unless they manipulate the price. In short, brands with plain or no design can be considered generic and mediocre.

Designs can give your brand different impressions depending on how you want the brand to be perceived and what the designs say. Design speaks in a subtle way, but most importantly it will make your brand user-friendly as brands communicate with ease.

Back to the millennial and Gen Z, how visuals help them in creating buying decision. User interface and experience are significant variables to those generations that rely a lot on the Internet, and have shifted the marketplace. That being said, startups and corporations are racing to keep their UI/UX updated because it keeps customers loyal.

This is crucial, design gives a brand the first impression, which also turns into a long-lasting impression. By using simple yet effective or festive designs, both have the capability to initiate brand impression, boost your business presence, then create an unforgettable brand.

Conclusion: Investing in design is worth it. Brand agency or brand consultant is the perfect start to achieve your brand goals. You might also want to consider Milestone as your brand consultant by sending us an email here