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Why a good website design important

Why a good website design important

Here at Milestone, we believe that a good website design is all about putting yourself in the eye of your audience. Seeing things from their perspective ensuring the site appeals is readable and easy navigate and use. This is why we ask so many questions about the intended or target market of the site, so we can design with that in mind.

One of the main things you learn when surfing, as a user is to put as few clicks as possible between the user and the information or product as possible. This is the single most important element of website design. Studies have shown that you have anything from 2 to 3 seconds to interest a visitor to your site in order to keep them there for any length of time. Every second counts! Splash pages, slow loading pages, music, flashing banners and all the other questionable devices take away valuable seconds while the visitor attempts to get what they need from the site.

Ensure there is always a link to your home page of every single pages of the site. Visitors need to be able to navigate the site effectively if they are to hang around. In fact, make sure you include a menu on every page. Make it as easy as possible for people to find things, and pages while they are on the site.
So in short, if you have a website design ideas in mind, then you could contact us and discuss how Milestone can assist you further.