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Is Social Media Marketing Free

Is Social Media Marketing Free

Social Media Marketing has evolved into a major part of many brands’ marketing plans and budgets. Brands know that Social Media builds brand community; drives conversation online and in real life, creates brand advocates, pushes sales numbers, and supports all other forms of marketing and advertising.

If you are handling your social media in house, you’re paying for it. There are a lot of companies that have simply added Social Media work to an existing employee’s workload, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But don’t for one second believe that this doesn’t cost. Those hours have been taken away from previous duties and salary has now been attributed to Social Media. Digital Managers, Content Creators and Social Media Strategists need to be paid.

The Social Media marketing landscape has changed with the evolution of websites like Facebook and Twitter. We all know that both of those major websites are in the business of making money. And they have decided (especially Facebook) that one of the ways that they are going to do that is by charging brands for the amount exposure that they once had for free.

Having great content is no longer good enough in Social Media. You have to be willing to play the game if you want to see the results.

If you’re looking to maximize your return, create buzz, publicity, grow your brand community, stay within your overall plan, and achieve your goals – you need a professional marketer and the expert to do it. This is where Milestone fits in.

The game has changed because of Social Media. No longer is it an after-thought or an add-on. It is now a budget line and a content calendar and an important part of your complete marketing strategy.

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