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Trademark Your Logo

Trademark Your Logo

Trademark your logo. Do we have to?

In a word yes, it’s advisable.
Milestone is not a lawyer (so seek legal advice if you want a definitive legal view on the content here), but registering your logo will help you defend your logo if someone tries to copy it.
Your logo or trademark can be a word, symbol or mixture of things that identify your company. You’ve hopefully spent a lot of time, effort and money getting it designed and promoted, so if someone pinches it you’ll need as much weight behind you as possible.

Is it easy to Trademark your logo?

We trademarked the Milestone logo ourselves, it was easy. Or you can hire a specialist lawyer which will cost you more. However, they will make your life even easier.
You’ll need to pick the classes/classification you want to register your logo in – these are the categories in which your company operates. There’s a hefty list so it takes a while to trawl through and make sure you have the right categories. Milestone could advise you on categories to enter.

How long?

It takes a while. Your logo/trademark will be published to see if anyone objects to it in DJHKI (Intellectual Property Rights).
You need to check it doesn’t exist already beforehand – and that is where a lawyer can be very useful. This can mitigate against objections from either the Registry, or other companies. The whole process can take years to allow for checks and the publishing.
To find out more on the costing of patent and registration, Milestone Integrated Marketing Solutions would be able to help you register to the Intellectual Property Rights.

Changing logos

You’ll be registering a static logo/shape/mark. If you change it you’ll need to start again and re-register. Because these change from your static logo they are considered different, and could be outside of your registration.

How long does a Trademarked logo last?
10 years. Then you need to renew it. Consider Milestone if you want to trademark your logo.
Contact Us now and we’ll be more than happy to assist your logo trademark / registration.