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Good Advertisement Begins with a Good Creative Brief

Good Advertisement Begins with a Good Creative Brief

Planning an effective advertising campaign starts with the writing of your creative brief. This outline provides a road map for your creative team so that designers, copywriters, and other team contributors are all on the same page from start to finish. Along with a review of previous campaign successes and failures, the brief is crucial when preparing to communicate your brand’s main message.

The creative team working on your ad campaign needs to understand what your company is all about and how your products or Services compare with the competition. Finding that unique advantage and creating your own company brand image is what separates you from the pack. It’s called your marketing position and ‘positioning’ is often what separates a great ad from a mediocre one. It’s your creative team’s job to identify your unique position and communicate it through your advertising campaign.

From there, it all depends on your agency process as to what else be included, but if you're going too much further you're dictating solutions and reducing your creative's ability to add value and do great work.

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