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Branding 101

Branding 101

What is a brand? Let’s start this interesting topic.

A brand is not a new logo. A brand is not an ad campaign. A brand in essence is a promise. A promise that is interpreted by your audience or market – a promise to deliver against expectation. Your brand exists in the absence of interference from your marketing team, for better or for worse. Or put another way, it comes into existence the moment a product or service is launched, a brand can and indeed will exist in a marketing vacuum.The brand promise and key messages that support it are created and set by the owner in order to act as a road map to ensure consistent delivery. So you need to live and breathe your brand.  The values of your brand have to be a true reflection of what you do, rather than a smoke & mirrors version of what you’d like to think you do. Get it right and a living brand can be the strongest asset your business possesses.

At Milestone Integrated Marketing Solutions, as an experienced brand consultant / brand agency in Indonesia; we pride ourselves in taking our clients’ brands from Ordinary to Awesome via our strategic approach and secret recipe!

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