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The Fifth Commandment of Graphic Designer

The Fifth Commandment of Graphic Designer

After working for the last 12 years as brand consultant at Milestone, we learned a few things about being efficient. One of the best side skills that designers can practice is efficiency, finding ways to work smarter not harder, so you can give the initial creative thinking the time that it needs (which never seems like enough). As one of the leading brand consultant and advertising agency in Indonesia, we’d like to provide you with few tips on how to be efficient as graphic designer.

Examples -  Find examples and get inspired. It’s too easy to find killer inspiration.

Easy -  Start with the easy stuff. When we begin a project, often we got stuck spinning our wheels and forget to cover ground. Whether it’s logo design options, layouts or to do list. Start with the obvious options and simple executions.

Editability - Make things editable. This saves a lot of time now and later. When building files, make sure things can be edited later. Think about how many rounds it takes to get things approved.

Experience - This one is pretty straight forward. As with anything, experience always helps. More importantly, use past experiences or projects as reminders of what works and doesn’t work from project to project.

Exit - Find your exit. Make yourself stop at some point. If you spend too much time making changes you’ll mess it up or quickly end up back at some point you’ve already been.

By no means is this list final. There are always ways to sharpen your skills and identify better ways of doing things. Hopefully a few of these little tips from Milestone help you better manage your workflow and get you on the fast track to efficiency.