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Branding Trends in 2016

Branding Trends in 2016

Branding has been undergoing a tremendous shift over the past few years, and is starting to really accelerate toward a more personal, connective state. Today's consumers expect to be able to interact with brands, demanding new products and services, and becoming a more active part of the conversation. A brand represents everything about a business: what it is, what it produces, what values it stands for and what people it employs. Brands are losing the elitist, impersonal and unapproachable skins, and are becoming entirely more human.

All of which leads to the question, what is going to happen in 2016 for branding? How will brands and branding change and develop to reflect the needs of both businesses and customers? So here's what we're tipping to be the major trends in branding design for 2016.

1. Brand Experience

Brands will start to offer more immersive customer experiences. Branding will no longer focus on simply projecting a particular image or lifestyle, but will start to actively promote a positive experiential interaction with their customers. All brands want to create an ongoing relationship with their customers, and this evolved approach will allow them to meet users' needs more effectively.

2. Tailored Experience

Branding will make leaps toward providing a personal, tailored experience. Brands have long recognized that they mean different things to different consumers, but with the arrival of social media platforms as the principle method of interaction with their customers (excepting the act of actually buying and consuming), brands are already recognizing that in order to compete they need to create a tailored, personal version of themselves for each customer.

3. Personal Experience

Branding will become less corporate and more personable. You might be forgiven for thinking that this is the same as becoming more personal, but it couldn't be more different. Brands have traditionally been a facade that has represented a set of values, but consumers are increasingly turned off by the idea of a faceless company that doesn't have any humanity about it. Branding will move toward using more human attributes to connect emotionally with users and consumers.

Milestone, as the leading brand consultant and Brand Agency in Indonesia assure branding messages and intelligence is likely to come from inside a company rather than outside, which ties in with all the other trends we're predicting for 2016. Feel free to talk to us on the latest 2016 branding trends.

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