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Happy Silent Day Caka 1938

Happy Silent Day Caka 1938

In the Balinese Day of Silence famous as Nyepi, darkness, muteness, and fasting encapsulate contemplative moments. Hunger for talk and companion is kept under control. The curtain of hollow darkness accompany the deepening silence as the day passes into dusk. Even when such sublime phenomenon only happen in Bali, the Dewata Island, Nyepi still begets us distinct emotion.

After getting away for tough races on street, backbreaking struggle to achieve daily objectives, we are notified by this celebration to step back and take a moment of reflection. Modern life sometimes put noise and pain as the yardstick of growth. This day, we may take an option to embrace the deepening silence to peacefully reconcile with our true self.

After all, have yourself a graceful Nyepi.