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How To Keep Your Branding Spark Alive

How To Keep Your Branding Spark Alive

Your brand is so much more than what you see on paper. It goes beyond colors and taglines.
It’s an emotional connection with your customers and a relationship that needs to be nurtured over time.
Think about it in terms of meeting the love of your life.

The exhilarating rush of new love often feels like it will last forever. But anyone in a long-term relationship knows that love’s initial flames often die down, replaced by a more stable bond that needs some juicing to stay healthy for the long haul.
Brand relationships are no different. Keeping a fiery connection takes some work. To unlock long-term love for our brands and set the stage for strong lasting connections, one simply has to look at and apply basic human relationship principles.

Here are few rules you can keep the spark alive and forge a devoted, lasting connection to consumers.

Rule #1

Companies work really hard and spend a lot of time marketing brands. But you can also spend one-on-one active time with your own brand to understand and experience its core behaviors, benefits, and experiences. As a result, you’ll truly feel its value and make sure it hasn’t lost its way.

Rule #2

Brands tend to have the same routines. Changing things up a bit and adding a little variety to your world can really spice things up: a seasonal play, a promotional “wow,” an event that’s out of the ordinary-what might seem like a gimmick is actually a good thing, as long as it’s on brand-to make the bond even stronger.

Rule #3

Brand engagement requires open, two-way communication. Have a robust, transparent dialogue with your consumers to showcase how good you are at listening and at being emotionally honest.

Rule #4

When is the last time your brand did something surprising? An unexpected move can lengthen an emotional bond to become lasting.

Rule #5

In brand love, there’s nothing like true loyalists. They get deeply and emotionally involved with your brand, and they spread the word. Even if passion dies, the promise of companionship remains.
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