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Brand Architecture

Brand Architecture

We’ve seen a lot of brand architecture models in our time, all of which only serve to make the topic much more obtuse and expensive than it needs to be. As with any brand issue, the one thing that really matters is how well your brand architecture helps to fill the gap between what you have to offer and what your customers think you have to offer.

The more complicated your company’s product and service portfolio, the more likely it is that customers will misunderstand it.
Brand architecture is a way of packaging up what you do into simple, well-signposted bundles so that customers can more readily understand and remember exactly what it is you do.
Getting a handle on what would make the right type of architecture for your company is a quick and easy exercise: just ask your customers to map out your offer and see how far they get. While you’re at it, you might want to get the people on your leadership team to do the same thing. Surprising as it sounds, we often find that the c-suite get just as tongue-tied as customers when it comes to the way they segment their offer, and if they’re confused --- well, we all know how that story ends.

Once you know the problem, as ever, the solution is never that far away. Piecing together the best structure to extol the virtues of your offer is something we’re expert at, having done it for the likes of Accor Group, Wika Realty, Pakuwubono Residence and AXA
If we can help, we’d be delighted to present our credentials, less costly approach.