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Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year

As the Fire Rooster starts crowing, Milestone wishes you a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year!

“Always higher, always going on” is the motto of the Rooster. This brand new year will be filled with increased pride, enthusiasm and perseverance. The Fire Rooster is extremely strong-willed, proactive, and has the ability to handle big tasks beyond expectations. This era marks the sign of awakening, triumph and success achieved solely at the price of hard work throughout the year. It is connected to autumn; the season of harvest, the time of achievements and celebrations.

Let the fierce passion of the Rooster inspire us to roll up our sleeves, vigorously pursuing our objectives without being defeated by difficulties and adversities. Under the influence of the Fire element, may this year be a sparkling shooting star for us to wish upon.


May the glow of New Year lanterns bring you the best of luck all year round!