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The Value of a Brand

The Value of a Brand

A brand in its most pure sense is intangible. While often misperceived as simply a logo or mark, a brand is much more. A brand is every perception, interaction, and representation of a business that is strategically built to resonate with customers, internal stakeholders, and partners. So how does one quantify the success of strategic brand work? How can we measure the value of a brand?

While a brand in and of itself is intangible, it is an overarching story and experience that is conveyed through a variety of business operatives, which are quantifiable.

Brands that start from the foundation and work forward see long-lasting results on their initial investments; whereas brands that front-load money into advertising budgets that aren’t built on a solid brand foundation end up wasting time, money, and effort only to see few results for double the cost.

The goal is to launch brand work that is measurable by asking the right questions during the initial stages. What is your customer acquisition cost? What is the lifetime value of a customer? These types of metrics can inform strategic brand work that is purposeful and can be monitored for success.

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