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Common Rebranding Errors

Common Rebranding Errors

The process of rebranding comes with a lot of risk. Without paying attention to the details involved in research, planning, and execution, your brand is susceptible to harmful self-sabotage. The mistakes made in a poorly executed rebranding process can result in lost brand communities, ridicule online, and in some cases, the complete downfall of a brand.

If your business is considering a rebrand, of any scope and size, we highly recommend going through this checklist to ensure that you aren’t making any of the mistakes that can make your rebrand a failure, instead of the revitalization and boost you’re looking for.

1) Too Much Change

Change can be good; it can help get your brand out of a rut and moving forward towards new goals. But, change can also be abused and used recklessly to the detriment of your brand. But, if you are looking at the possibility of rebranding, and the options in front of you are so drastically different from what your brand uses currently, it may be too much. If your brand community won’t easily be able to identify your company with its new look, or if they feel that you’ve changed too much to offer them what they expect from you (more on that later), you’re not improving, you’re starting over.

Unless you are changing the entire direction, service offering, and promise of your brand, the decision to make yourself unrecognizable to those who have long identified with you is a big mistake.

2) Abandoning Brand Community

It’s possible that your brand may be struggling and stagnant, which is why you have decided that you need to invest in a rebranding effort. And while finding new brand community members that you have never targeted before could mean a boon for your business, the possibility of abandoning your current loyal brand community, and the success that you have experienced, is a risk. Finding the balance of welcoming new brand community members, while respecting your current brand community is the key. If you cannot do that, your rebrand isn’t adding to your brand’s legacy, it’s starting from the bottom.

3) Abandoning Brand Values

It’s one thing to change directions as a brand and look for a new audience. But it’s a completely different thing to abandon the values and qualities that your brand has always stood for. When you make changes to your brand values you alter the relationship you have with your brand community, and without your brand community, you have nothing.

4) Not Considering All of the Pieces of the Brand

We’ve seen rebrands by large companies, that haven’t thought to update the images on their social media channels when announcing the new logo. There have been fast food chains using outdated packaging after a rebrand has taken place. And even large brands have even rolled out confusing rebranding strategies that leave their brand identity splintered and messy.

5) Poor Quality

Ideally, rebranding will put a spotlight on your brand and help you to increase sales, grow your brand community, and move into the future with more success. But, if you do a weak job with your rebrand, all you’ve done is invite the world to look at your mistakes.

We often talk about the importance of logos; websites, content, and advertising that define and elevate your brand. And a common thread with all of those pieces, and all others, is the benefit of using a talented, qualified, and experienced team. And the more of those things that happen, the more time and money your brand will end up spending on your rebranding project.

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