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Happy 72nd Independence Day

Happy 72nd Independence Day

On this glorious independence day, let us take a moment to send our thoughts and prayers to the nation’s heroes who had lost their lives fighting a long battle to secure our freedom today. Let us be grateful and try our earnest best to define what it means to have freedom; to be independent.

We believe being independent is the freedom to express ourselves in whichever way we wish, whether in the form of writing, designing, or simply coming up with new ideas to change lives for the better. It is the ability to explore our potentials, create our opportunities, and pursue our dreams. It is the right to make decisions while considering the people and the environment around us. This grand occasion encourages us to think and act out of the box in order to promote invention and discovery. And, most profoundly, true freedom is to cut off insecurities, eliminate self-doubt, and to use our achievements to free others.

Dirgahayu Indonesia, may our mind be free, our soul be brave, and our future be brighter!