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Responsive Web Design with Milestone Digital Agency Jakarta

Responsive Web Design with Milestone Digital Agency Jakarta

Milestone has been recommending to clients over the past 1 year, the need to make sure you can secure the extra budget to make your site responsive. We have witnessed a growing trend building, people are using mobile and tablets to access our clients websites. For those who may not know, a responsive site can adapt to any screen, from your mobile phone, TV to Tablets and iPad.

News from Google has reached us that non responsive websites could suffer ranking penalties on search results conducted through a mobile device. Basically if your website is not responsive and does not adapt to a mobile device then Google will display your competitors with responsive sites higher than yours.

Now, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of responsive website :

The Advantages

  1. Smooth, engaging user experience
  2. Consistent content
  3. Target audience increased sustainably

The Disadvantages

  1. Load times can be longer (sometimes)
  2. Display Advertising Options Are Limited
  3. A Longer Development time
  4. A Longer Design time
  5. Display Advertising Options Are Limited

If you have invested time and money in your website and you are watching visitors fall out of your website on a mobile the time to change is now!

For more information or advice on responsive websites then contact us now. Milestone will be glad to help making your website responsive.