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De Tjolomadoe

De Tjolomadoe

Formerly a sugar factory in 1861, De Tjolomadoe is now developed by PT Sinergi Colomadu into Educational Heritage and Tourism Center with international standard. De Tjolomadoe will serve as a hub that represents the culture of the archipelago with its capability to regularly hold art-cultural exhibitions and performances. The project aimed to revamp the former Colomadu Sugar Factory building into an integrated and multifunctional area. It is intended to be the first multifunction recreation center in Solo with a variety of culinary and heritage-preserving facilities.

Milestone, the leading brand agency in Indonesia crafted an all-encompassing brand identity to accentuate the cultural and historical significances of the building while appealing to a wider, modern audience. PG Colomadu is reborn as De Tjolomadoe, inspired by its original name Tjolomadoe Suikerfabriek when it was first established in the 19th century. Combined with the logo, the new identity is portrays refined elegance and timeless modernity. From children to adults, students, entrepreneur, artists, local or international tourist, De Tjolomadoe is here to welcome everyone into the fold.