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Principles of Good Design

Principles of Good Design

Today, the words good design brilliantly lights the marquee of contemporary life. What is a good design? It's a perennial question with no single answer.

Everywhere we turn, we're charmed by the next new design that promises to improve our lives, whether it could be a cool running shoes, an energy efficient house or the millions of apps that promise to lighten daily chores. This is all good, but how do we distinguish between good design and great design in the midst of all this "awesomeness?"

Every designer intuitively knows their equation for great design -- it's something they feel and it drives their work. Do designers share similar beliefs? Do they measure results differently depending on their design discipline?

A great design cannot be measured in a finite way he set about expressing the ten most important principles for what he considered was good design. Milestone respect Dieter Ram’s 10 principles of Good Design, and we’d like to share those simple principles with you

1. Good design is innovative.
2. Good design makes a product useful.
3. Good design is aesthetic.
4. Good design makes a product understandable.
5. Good design is unobtrusive.
6. Good design is honest.
7. Good design is long-lasting.
8. Good design is thorough, down to the last detail.
9. Good design is environmentally friendly.
10. Good design is as little design as possible.

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