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Why Brand Promise is Important

14 September 20

Brand promise is one of the core elements of branding. To quote Barbara Findley's Branding for Dummies, brands are promises consumers believe in. A promise made is a promise kept. When a brand made a promise, it should be done with the intention to follow it through. That is brand promise, a commitment held firmly by a company. It talks about internal communication and not at all a public statement. It communicates what customers anticipate from a company in order to keep them towards the same goal.

A good brand promise is a narrative that includes the whole brand strategy: mission, vision, and values. It does not, however, stop there. Brand promise goes beyond sales and profits, it’s a purpose and not merely a direct description of a product function, but also a reach to emotional and social benefits. With brand promise, a company will move in harmony, reaching a deep understanding between people to work in the same sense and direction. When there is a purpose, a transformation is set to follow. A shift in their behaviour and collective energy is expected, creating a more collaborative and productive workspace.

To be considered effective, a brand promise must be implemented thoroughly and consistently. If done so, it will easily and naturally translate to the brand. As a brand delivers their brand promise continuously, a relationship is formed between customers and the product/service under the brand and will become what is expected from a brand. The connection made is also not ordinary. As brand promise contains emotional reward in it, customers will not only buy a product of a brand because of its function, but as a form of self-expression and as a realization of their ideals. The products will tie itself into the customer sense of self, giving significance in every interaction.

As the leading brand consultant in Indonesia, Milestone will help you to utilize your brand promise in its highest potential. It will create reciprocal ecosystem between the company and the customer. It drives people inside with purpose, and should affects how the outside perceived the brand, keeping them engaged and hopefully loyal.