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The Basics of Brand Strategy

02 November 20

The blueprint of a brand is essential in creating and developing a business. It refers to the whole picture of where the brand stands, where it came from, and which direction it moves to. Basically it is the layout of the brand, a detailed and comprehensive one. For many brand agencies out there, we call this Brand Strategy. It is normally the centre of most branding projects because a plan with clear objectives is required at the start. In developing the brand strategy, every brand agency would have their own formula, adopting and adjusting from many theories, experiences, and trial and error. For us, it is the three P's: Purpose, Potential, Promise.

Purpose refers to the underlying statement of the brand (or business). The basic propositions would be set around this, in which every step taken answers to the question of whether certain action/design supports the purpose intended. It serves as the anchor of the project, one which is vital especially when exploring different routes of alternatives. This strongly correlates to the second one, potential. Maintaining a purpose and setting certain objectives would require resources. Potential discusses whether the brand is capable to achieve them. This would involve determining the current position of the brand, what the brand has been on, and how they should exercise their actions. While purpose keeps the brand on track, potential keeps the track clear. 

The third part of the plan is promise. In light of the potential (discovered and established), promise portrays what the brand is intended to be - from the perspective of the business to the target market. The promise should be aligned with the other two P's, purpose and potential. It directly communicates how people should benefit from the products or services offered, and from the brand created. It is for businesses to understand, in some cases, the promise needs adjustments due to differences on how the brand has been perceived. 

One should always be sure the plan has been laid out accordingly - to different trends and currents.  This is as Nacho de Marco, CEO of BairesDev, a technology solutions company which employs the Top 1% IT talent, stated in How To Rethink Your Branding Strategy For The Future in Forbes Technology Council. Brands need to tackle different trends, combining them in the optimal proportion to get it working. This proportion corresponds to the P’s in question. To adopt  the right strategy and adjust to multiple possible scenarios on the field, many brands and businesses choose to work with the leading brand agency or brand consultant in Indonesia like Milestone. It is easier to have the bigger picture of their brand, to evaluate every risk and potential while establishing where to go next. Do not let your brand randomly go with the flow. Be the one who decides what you want for the brand, and the right brand strategy and put it into action.