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Typography in branding: Choosing the right fonts

12 June 21

It is essential to use unique visual elements to make your brand memorable. Aside from pictures and color schemes, using distinctive typography catches attention and builds brand recognition. Typography is the collection of fonts and typefaces (categories of related fonts) that can showcase a brand's identity, personality, and voice. As such, the right typography would represent and distinguish your brand completely. 

David Dunning, a psychology professor, researched people's perceptions on various fonts and surmised that “Fonts have different personalities”. Hence, with particular traits, fonts and typefaces can represent the diverse identities of brands. Serif fonts, such as Times New Roman, are traditional and reliable. To establish credibility and formality, corporate brands generally use serif in their logos and promotional text. On the other hand, sans-serif fonts like Arial are clean and minimalistic. These have gained popularity in newer brands as it shows modernity and an approachable disposition.  

The size and weight of each font also convey different meanings. Sarah Hyndman, author of Why Fonts Matter, explained that rounded typefaces appear fun and friendly, as thin “calligraphic” fonts would project an image of elegance. As such, these elements can be used to complement the portrayal of your brand’s personality. 

Nevertheless, it is most crucial to ensure the readability and flexibility of the fonts of your brand. Since the typography would be a part of your brand identity, it should work well and remain legible across various mediums. Typography is not just a form of communication, it is also a form of art. Accordingly, audiences should be able to see its beauty and the message it conveys. 

In conclusion, choosing the right typography is essential to make your brand stand out. Capture the attention of target audiences by using typefaces and fonts that represent the identity of your brand. With readable, flexible, and appealing fonts, develop a unique logo and convey messages in distinctive text. Enlist the help of Milestone, an award winning brand consultant to establish your brand with the right typography and supporting visual elements.