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Luxury Branding Trends In 2021

27 August 21

Being a luxury brand is no longer about providing the best quality items. It is about seeking interconnection, empowering self-expression, and delivering timeless value. With tremendous change during the past year, the luxury branding industry has transformed to continuously engage with the ever-changing market. Here are the following trends adopted by luxury brands to remain desirable, valuable, and relevant. 

The attention and demands for luxury brands rise as digital platforms become more popular. Luxury brands utilize websites, social media alongside internet shopping sites to reach younger, global, and more diverse audiences. Due to the pandemic, online shopping has also become more prevalent amongst the wealthy. Brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel continue to generate profit through their digital media platforms. 

The demand for personalization has also risen, prompting luxury brands to tailor towards individual tastes. With customization on products and personalized virtual shopping, luxury brands would interest a market that seeks the ultimate product and experience. Customers would enjoy the freedom of choosing their own material, style, and even monogram their initials on high-quality products. 

Luxury brands have also jumped to cater to public health needs and are moving towards sustainability. Brand activism became widespread as younger audiences recognize the need to address environmental, social, and governance concerns. Fashion groups such as Armani and LVMH converted their sites to produce medical equipment throughout the past year. Tommy Hilfiger and Stella McCartney have also used organic and renewable material in their April collections, providing sustainable fashion in celebrating this year’s Earth Day. 

Through engaging digital platforms, personalized services, and brand activism, luxury brands continue to gain rapport throughout the pandemic. The implementation of these trends validates luxury brands as providers of high-quality products, experiences, and champions of change. Expand your luxury brand with the help of Milestone through the 2021 trends mentioned above!