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Brand Differentiation

16 September 22

What should a brand do to stand out amongst other competitors? Brands need to be "meaningfully different" to be relevant, valuable, in line with their customers, and fulfilling their needs. Here are the three tips Milestone recommends in order for your business to utilize and differentiate itself! 

Start with your product or service. Some brands are born from innovations, while others rely on different designs and presentations to attract attention. Functionality and uniqueness are two things that can be the base for differentiating brands. Tesla, for example, launches sustainable vehicles with sleek designs, developing distinctive products from the rising awareness to be environmentally conscious. 

Try differentiating your brand by price. Products and services become more valuable with cheaper costs or high fees that promise a premium experience. Price differentiation also reaches different audiences and segments, making your brand accessible to desirable customers. Huawei is a business adhering to this strategy: Having affordable gadgets for Android enthusiasts and limited edition luxurious smartphones.

Provide unique experiences and garner emotional responses like no other. Businesses often use soft-selling, distinctive visuals alongside communicating their values throughout every branding step to promote themselves differently. Through packaging, advertisements, events, and even a museum, Coca-Cola presents itself as a beverage that brings joy to the heart of its consumers.             

Your business can be meaningfully different through a unique product or service, differing price range and by providing new experiences. Customers would be even more interested in your brand, as it is relevant to their needs and distinct. To find out more about brand differentiation, you will need the assistance of an experienced branding agency. Enlist the help of Milestone, who is ready to fulfil your branding needs!