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Francis Artisan Bakery

Branding, Advertising, Graphic Design, Marketing Collaterals, Digital and Website

Francis Artisan Bakery is a present-day bakery with Japan-French influences. It combines traditional artisan technique, premium natural ingredients and modern technology to create 'the perfect loaf'.

As a new face in crowded market dominated by big names that sell mass-produced & chemical additives ridden breads, Francis need a strong positioning to differentiate itself and communicate Francis competitive values compared to other 'regulars'.

Milestone was tasked to develop Francis brand from scratch. It's an enormous project ranged from developing logo to managing the store ambiances.

We began by conducting focus group discussion to gain valuable insight from our primary target market, after which we decide that Francis brand will have three main brand attributes: expertise, natural and Eurasian fusion. With this direction at hand, we develop the name 'Francis Artisan Bakery'. It represents French influence, premium nature and higher grade of artisan bakery products while radiating a sense of friendliness at the same time.      

The most challenging part of this project is to create a brand identity that is based on an entirely new concept and making it feels somehow familiar. We play with Japanese katakana calligraphy and rustic elements such as wood color and earth color. The objective is to vividly communicate the artisan vibes, natural ingredients and Eurasian nature of the breads while wrapping it all in a friendly and homey atmosphere.