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Tamansari Amarta

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Shrouded under the enchanting serenity of Yogyakarta, Tamansari Amarta ascends as a monumental high rise estate in Yogyakarta. It is a precious extension of Wika Realty’s Tamansari brand which streches across Indonesian archipelago. Tamansari Amarta is special, however, because it has the honor to rise in one of the most beautiful, exotic, and cultured city in Indonesia.

On our endeavor to bestow Tamansari Amarta with an exquisite brand it deserves, we unify the nature of Wika Realty fine craftsmanship with intricate beauty and tradition of Yogyakarta. We harvest inspiration from the magnificent Tamansari Water Castle where past Sultans and Princesses bathed. Its beauty, serenity, humility and tranquility with a touch of prosperity arouse spark of emotions which became a foundation for the succeeding creative process.

Urip iku Urup, or life is lit became the underlying theme for Tamansari Amarta communication campaign. It means in order to have a meaningful life, one must benefit others. We shaped Tamansari Amarta to be an exclusive property that is not only prestigious to own; it also gives life more meaning.

Milestone was responsible to build the brand entirely; from the logo, tagline, print advertisement, and outdoor advertisement to various kinds of marketing material. Tamansari Amarta is now ready to be the highlight of exclusive residence and investment in Yogyakarta.