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Since 1980, PT Kharisma Pemasaran Bersama Nusantara (KPBN) has been the selling agent of all PTPN’s (State Owned Enterprise) agricultural commodities while applying their PRIME values to promote sustainable farming and achieve better trading conditions in Indonesia. However, their current visual identity and tagline do not represent their evolution. What was once compelling, started to lose its power over time.

Milestone was named the most suitable brand agency to tackle the task of planting KPBN in the brains of customers as a brand with modern designs and forward-thinking practices.

We began by conducting interviews to glean insights into the current perspective of KPBN’s visual identity among the market, and doing researches to further comprehend the history, strength, business core values, and the people we need to reflect and emphasize in the new brand positioning, logo, and tagline. The rejuvenated visual identity is expected to foster a sense of trust, confidence, and pride for both the company and the customers.

The last step was composing a comprehensive brand book containing a meticulous set of the new brand elements along with the marketing collaterals. The brand book will function as a strategic guideline for KPBN to effectively and consistently communicate its new positioning as the pioneer of commodity exchange marketplace with Fair Trade principles in Indonesia.