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Bank BTN

Re-Branding, Research, Advertising, Graphic Design, Marketing Collaterals and Digital

Bank BTN has been contributing to Indonesian financial welfare since 1897. In 1974, Bank BTN was appointed as the only financial institution authorized to distribute mortgage loans (KPR) to the Indonesian citizens with middle to lower incomes. Today, Bank BTN has expanded its vision to be the leading housing bank in Indonesia with world class services.

Driven by this new vision and further fueled by the new policy in relation to State-owned Enterprise (BUMN) logo placements, Bank BTN urgently required a new and improved layout across all its visual communications and a comprehensive Graphic Standard Manual to ensure its consistent application on diverse media.

Milestone accentuated BTN’s years of professionalism, quality, and unparalled positioning in the market onto the layout. We arranged each element strategically to reinforce the core message in a logical, attractive way and instill positive impressions in the minds of customers and target market. With this redesigned visual identity, Bank BTN is all set to rise above the crowds of its competitions.