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Bank BTN

Bank BTN

BFI Finance

Re-branding, Research, Strategic Planning, Advertising, Graphic Design, Photography and Digital

BFI Finance Indonesia Tbk., renowned as BFI, was incorporated in 1982, making it one of the oldest multi-finance companies in Indonesia. Throughout the decades, BFI has done wonders to enhance the people’s standard of living by becoming their trusted partner in accommodating their changing financial needs brought by the shifting trends.

Milestone was delegated to undertake a thorough visual revamp to overcome BFI’s outdated corporate and marketing communication layouts and inconsistent brand messages. After obtaining a full grasp of the company’s core values and identity, we centered on the company’s expertise to provide the most extensive solutions for their customers. All of the elements, including the photographs for both internal and external uses, are elaborated in a well-rounded brand guideline to ensure consistent output of communications across all media.

Milestone has successfully helped BFI to make a bold presentation of their current and future products and, most importantly, represent the company’s pioneering works in the multi-finance industry in Indonesia. With the aims to to ensure the continuity of the established marketing strategy for BFI, Milestone also provides a retainer service of brand consultancy for a year.