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Corporate Room Deal

Re-Branding, Marketing Collaterals, Graphic Design, Website Digital Campaign

While MG Group has their business in multiple countries of Southeast Asia for years, Indonesia remains as one of the biggest contributor target markets. To fulfill the needs of Indonesia accommodation, MG Group then exclusively provides customers with Corporate Room Deal, a hotel booking platform for corporate clients with more than 3.000 partners in Indonesia. It is a brand with a niche market which gives an advantage for community marketing.

Corporate Room Deal needed to increase its presence and visibility in digital platforms and claim its distinctive position in the market. Corporate Room Deal trusted Milestone in formulating the rebranding strategies, including the redesign of their existing logo into one that was more sophisticated, and of their booking platform to be more user-friendly. 

The marked change Milestone introduced was on the Corporate Room Deal website, which the outdated interface had been transformed into a professional, dynamic and informative user interface. As for the user experience, Milestone thoughtfully designed a user-friendly online booking platform to create consistency and standards. Likewise, Milestone improved the presence of Corporate Room Deal branding by developing marketing collateral and print advertisement. By creating a new look that is in line with the new branding concept, customers could now keep using Corporate Room Deal as their favorite online booking platform.