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Corporate Room Deal

Corporate Room Deal

Umasan Resorts

Branding, Research, Strategic Planning, Advertising, Photography, Marketing Collaterals and Digital Campaign

As the most popular destination in Indonesia, Bali drives more hotels and resorts to be established on the island. Umasan Resorts, a 5-star hotel located on the heights of Payangan, Ubud is among them. It encapsulates the landscape and ambiance of traditional Bali experiences and lifestyle in each stay. The concept derived from Balinese Hindu philosophy known as Agama Tirtha, where water is considered sacred to humans.

Upon dispatching the branding process, Milestone had explored multiple details to consider in developing the brand. In order to get a clear understanding of our clients, we did thorough research by devising site visit, competitor analysis, and interviews with cultural experts. At the end of the day, the two biggest challenges for Umasan Resorts was its location in the remote area and their competitors that consist of hotels from established brands.

All the same, Umasan Resorts has its own advantage of being a local brand, and that is a unique value proposition. On the first phase, Milestone developed specific characters for the brand carrying Indonesian local wisdom including Agama Tirtha itself and Tri Hita Karana philosophy. This was then adapted to the logo and brand messages, making it relevant to the told narrative. The visual and architectural concepts, services, and facilities manifested the concept, translated into designs for marketing collateral, amenities, website, and digital platforms. Meanwhile, the cultural heritage and natural beauty surrounding Umasan Ubud reflected it as well.