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Fika Coffee

Branding, Naming, Strategic Planning, Advertising, Photography, Marketing Collaterals and Digital Campaign

After the widespread of coffee shop trend in the past two years, ready-to-drink coffee industry in Indonesia has progressed and given birth to numerous brands. Coffee shops have turned into a need rather than a place to stop by every now and then. In the fast market competition, unique concepts and high-quality products are both highly required. Each coffee shop in town has to come up with a different concept to attract target market. And that is what fi:ka Kedai Kafi brings to the table in the industry.

fi:ka by definition, is a Swedish coffee culture, a midday break accompanied by coffee and light snacks with the purpose of taking time and slowing down for a short while. It is inherently part of Swedish culture, and fi:ka Kedai Kafi, as a new brand, sought to manifest this famous Swedish coffee culture to Indonesia as a reminder for people to pause a little in the fast-paced metropolitan life.

Milestone was trusted to develop fi:ka Kedai Kafi in three scopes of work: branding, marketing collateral, and marketing communication strategy. The branding process included all parts necessary to deal with from the outset to the end. This included designing packaging, as well as developing marketing collateral for sales. Everything was designed in line with the two concepts proposed by Milestone: ‘Kopi Paling Solid’ and ‘Bukan Sekedar Ngopi’. Both were created to suit the Indonesian market. Now fi:ka Kedai Kafi is open in Jakarta, and in 2019 will expand to several big cities in Indonesia.