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Defining brand voice

19 October 21

How does a brand show its personality and connect on a deeper level with its audience? Simple, it develops a brand voice. Like individuals, brands have various personality traits and need the appropriate wording alongside visuals to convey their distinctive characters. A brand voice defines how your brand communicates: helping you interact with your target market and emphasizing your personality at the same time.

Brands constantly express themselves through their voices. Good copy, supporting visual designs, and consistency throughout various media platforms are the three pillars of a brand voice, allowing a brand to convey its personality. Brands such as Apple succeeded in gaining prominence by using simple and carefully chosen words alongside minimalistic visuals throughout their media platforms. Hence, by having a consistent brand voice, your brand would interest your target audience and become something familiar.

Not only must a brand voice be consistent, but it must also be unique to make its brand stand out. Starbucks incorporates words such as “That first sip feeling” and various designs related to their specialty: coffee. The brand expressively tells the stories behind its products and regularly provides content related to its beverages. Starbucks showcases its passion through signages, website, social media, and advertisements, making its audiences intrigued and excited.

Most importantly, people trust personalities, not just businesses and companies. A brand voice would connect your business emotionally to customers, making them feel certain and assured. Both Apple and Starbucks inject their authenticity and earnestness in providing quality products through their words, visuals, and platforms. When interacting with the two brands, audiences would feel like they are communicating with someone who genuinely wants to give the best for them.

In short, a consistent brand voice would help your business stand out, be familiar, and emotionally bond with your target audience. Use words that convey your brand personality to the fullest, support them with eye-catching visuals, and utilize the same formats throughout your marketing collaterals. To ensure a brand voice that represents your business, feel free to enlist the help of Milestone; the branding solutions every step of your way.