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2022 Design Trends

11 May 22

As hard times create good men, uncertain times give birth to beautiful things. Following the rising popularity of countercultures and a collective yearning for the past, experimental art alongside designs born from creativity surface in today’s media landscape. “Graphic design has always been an ever-evolving discipline” as it mirrors the changes in technology and our society. Our journey in 2022 started with hope for better times and is made even more special with the following design trends.

  1. 2D/3D Mashups
    3D graphics and 2D illustrations are merged to create playful yet realistic visuals. Often utilized to portray characters or brand personas, these mashups capture a sense of freedom in colorful settings. Frequently animated, mashups also breathe more life into various brand identities.

  2. Expressive typography
    Typography has transformed into something bolder, brighter, and better. While remaining highly visible, fonts of 2022 interact with abstract elements and even hold hidden messages. Serif fonts are modified to complement various tonalities and personalities, supporting branding processes as a whole.
  1. Old-school nostalgia
    Elements from the 80s, 90s, and even the Roaring 20s are reappearing in modern design. Psychedelic influences, holographic elements, geometric patterns, and bright candy colors have become prevalent in various logos, websites, alongside other visual collaterals. Old school nostalgia offers a surrealistic escape from the real world, enticing audiences to enjoy branding content like never before. 

To continue standing out in the market, utilize 2D/3D mashups, expressive typography, and elements of old-school nostalgia for your brand. Capture attention through these unique design trends and provide them with a sense of escape from reality. As an experienced branding agency, Milestone can help you adopt these trends, translating them into great content. Give us a call, as we are ready to assist your branding needs.